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"I am dedicated to making your Short Term Rental look the very best it can. I understand that first impressions are everything and I want your space to appeal to the most potential renters. My extensive experience and knowledge will transform your space into a Model Home that will book quickly and bring 5-Star Reviews!"

I’ve been rearranging rooms all of my life…

So why is this important to you?? Well, let me back up a minute…

You see my parents met on a ship returning to the USA from their graduate studies in Europe (yes, just like “The Love Boat”)! They fell in love, got married and had three girls, me being the youngest. They both had the travel bug and were not about to let three children stop them from viewing the world. Fortunately, my father was a Professor so he had summers off. This left plenty of time for us to travel domestically as well as overseas and soon, my parents’ love for travel had rubbed off on me. Needless to say, by the age of 18, I had been a guest in more hotels then most people have in a lifetime.

My formative years…

I always had a love for interior design and pursued my Bachelors Degree in that field. My talents and passion brought me to Denver Colorado where I worked for two of the top firms at the time. The first was designing model homes for homebuilders across the USA and the second was designing famous hotels across the country. Unfortunately, this was in the late 80s when the economy changed and took a downturn. my firm went bankrupt and there were no jobs to be had in design.

Fortunately, I had been taking night classes to get my real estate license. So I decided this was the best time to take that Hobby and turn that into a career.

Although I was very successful at selling homes, I really missed my passion for design. But as luck would have it, I found every opportunity to use my talents to help my family, friends and clients with all of their paint color choices, furniture arrangements, and remodeling decisions. I even helped my home sellers prepare their interiors in a way that would attract a barrage of buyers and I knew just what to do to make their home show at its best in order to sell quickly and for the most money.

Eventually, I learned that what I was doing was called “Home Staging”. And this was all before HGTV or any of those popular shows existed. Although I already had my Bachelors Degree in Interior Design, I decided I would get my home staging accreditation and pursue that as a hobby.

My personal life…

I met my husband later in life and was thrilled when my marriage provided me with two daughters and four grandchildren. This meant twice the travel to visit families and as luck would have it, my husband had the travel bug even more than me. So off on all of our adventures we went.

As much as we loved staying in nice hotels, short term rentals were becoming more popular and we began staying at many Airbnb’s. Paired with my design background and experience staying as a guest traveler, I developed a secure knowledge of knowing what type of spaces were the most functional and comfortable for guests. I learned hands-on what the special tricks were that made someone a super host.

So when the Coronavirus hit in 2020, it gave me ample time to reflect on my careers and my true passions in life. I deducted that everything in my life had led up to this moment and I could sit around and binge watch Netflix or I could dig down deep and figure out how to help people.

That’s how I came up with this website. I have now combined my passion for design, my experience in real estate and my love for travel into the most powerful combination for designing short term rental spaces. I have the passion, skillset, knowledge and experience to help your short term rental stand out from the rest.

Just imagine….

  • What would it be like to be booked up every night?
  • What if you knew just a few of the secrets that make a space stand out from the others?
  • How would it feel to have the best photos of any in your area?
  • How would it feel to get rave reviews from all of your guests because your space was so comfortable and functional?
  • How would it feel to reach the top of the searches for short term rentals in your area?
  • And how would it feel to have the same guests return time after time because they preferred your space above all the others?

If you’re like most AirBnB and short term rental hosts, this is where the gold is…

And I can be your missing link to achieve all of this!

Ready to find out how all of this can be achieved?

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