Short Term Rental E-Design to Fit Every Space and Budget

For the Discerning Short Term Rental Host Who Seeks 5-Star Reviews

8 Seconds…. that is the average attention span of a typical browser. You only have 8 seconds to grab their attention!  Therefore, you need to be showing some pretty outstanding photos of your Short Term Rental in order to catch the eye and get clicks from potential guests. 

If you are currently a STR Host (or wanna-be), I’m sure you’re well aware that the sharing-economy has redistributed the hospitality industry into the perfect opportunity where anyone can run their own hotel out of their home. This equates to  more than 5 million listings worldwide and over 400 million travelers who are using Short Term Rental platforms like Airbnb, VRBO, HomeAway, etc. These sites have never been more popular and it’s getting harder and harder to stand out!

Staging Puts You a Step Above the Rest

As a Short Term Rental Design Authority, I am frequently asked “which application will produce the maximum bookings”? 

The answer… Staging!

Since competition has never been greater in the world of Airbnb and other Short Term Rental properties, if you want to enjoy a steady stream of income, you need to do what you can to make your home stand out.

A Staged space is one of the most effective ways to distinguish your property from all the others, so you can maximize your earnings and build a solid reputation as a Host.

Staging is the Foundation of a Profitable Short Term Rental Operation

If you’re serious about running a successful STR operation, you should be serious about professional property staging.  The majority of Real Estate Listings For Sale are now professionally staged and Short Term Rental properties are NO different.

But you should know that there are MAJOR differences between “Staging to Sell” and “Staging to Rent”. Therefore, you’ll need to make sure you hire a STR Staging Specialist who knows the difference.

Rentals have their own set of circumstances that require a trained designer specializing in STR so that you can avoid common pitfalls.

For example, a STR Stager who has short term rental operational know-how will understand the necessity to furnish hosts with services such as:

  • Providing suggestions on welcome book, amenities, supply/checkout lists, etc.
  • Knowledge on how to balance your property for shorter and longer stays
  • Meeting the new expectations for health and safety in this Pandemic Era
  • Recommend furniture that is comfortable but also has a long lifespan
  • Pinpointing the best linens for freshness and functionality
  • Offer secrets with actionable tips that bring consistent bookings
  • Having expertise creating a space where people will absolutely LOVE to stay!

If a stager with expertise in “Staging Homes For Sale” has staged an Airbnb, I can almost guarantee that the project isn’t ready for guests.  More than likely, this Stager won’t understand the important differences between “Staging to Sell” and “Staging to Rent”. They don’t know what they don’t know… and it will effect your bottom line!

Are You Ready to Transform Your Short Term Rental?

Save Money

Our services allow you to phase and control your design budget completely. Simply purchase each item as your budget allows. Plus, you're only paying for the e-Staging Expertise and NOT for the time consuming shopping of the designer!

Save Time

No more wasted time searching for the perfect piece of furniture! We specialize in e-Staging for Private Rooms in a Shared House; a Guest House; or a Private House. We work with Short Term Rental Hosts across the Country.

Stress Free

We take the stress and hard work out of preparing your space to rent! You will receive relevant design tips and amenity lists that focus on increasing your nightly rates and maximize your bookings!

Increased Booking Rates

To book out every night requires a well designed space that photographs beautifully! These things will produce great reviews and in turn, front page rankings.

Getting project inspiration and advice has never been this easy, this amazing, this affordable!

Just imagine…

  • What would it be like to be booked up every night?
  • What if you knew just a few of the secrets that make a space stand out from the others?
  • How would it feel to have the best photographs of any in your area?
  • How would you feel to get rave reviews from all of your guests because your space was so comfortable and functional?
  • How would it feel to reach the top of the searches for short term rentals in your area?
  • And how would it feel to have the same guests return time after time because they preferred your space above all the others?

A New Twist on Home Staging

I specialize in Staging for the Rental experience.  

Whether you are setting up your first Short Term Rental space or you are a seasoned investor with many listings under your belt that just need some refreshing, I am here to take the guesswork out of the design and staging of your STR property.

My mission is to put your guests first and to help you create purposeful Short Term Rentals. I understand that success hinges on how accurately you can anticipate a guests’ needs – for comfort, safety and function.

I will meet your personal design visions, while providing industry expertise on what guests are looking for. With years of experience in both the residential and hospitality interior design realms, I have a valuable understanding of what is important to both you and your guests.

As a STR Specialist, I have vast experience staging spaces from studio apartments up to 5 bedroom homes that sleep 16. I find joy in setting up short-term rentals and I know how to orchestrate a thorough and complete Short Term Rental Stage. Put your trust in me and I’ll help you design a memorable space with unique offerings where your guests will feel right at home.

Select Your Preferred Design Package

Gets you Started!

Transform your currently furnished room
  • Fill out Staging Questionnaire
  • Send Me Your Room Photos
  • We'll Have a Virtual Consultation via FaceTime or Zoom (typically 1 Hour)
  • I'll Critique & Transform Your Room
  • You'll Receive My Report w/Recommendations
  • Bonus: Welcome Book & WiFi Template
  • Bonus: STR Essentials Checklist
  • Bonus: Forgot Something Checklist
  • Bonus: Covid Cleaning Guidelines
Gets you Bookings!
For Hostts just starting out or wanting a Refresh
  • Fill out Staging Questionnaire
  • Send Me Your Room Dimensions, Photos & Budget Guide
  • Receive 1 Inspiration Room & Concept Board
  • A Custom Color Palette
  • A Master Shopping List with Links
  • Many Curated Shopping Sources
  • Designer Direction and Notes
  • Bonus: Welcome Book & WiFi Template
  • Bonus: Essentials, Supplies & Forgot Something Checklists
  • Bonus: Turnover Handbook with Instructions & Covid Cleaning Guidelines
Gets you Super Status!
For Hosts wanting 5-Star Reviews
$499/3 rooms
  • Fill out Staging Questionnaire
  • Send Me Your Room Dimensions, Photos & Budget Guide
  • Receive 3 Inspiration Rooms/Boards
  • A Custom Color Palette per Room
  • A Master Shopping List with Links
  • Many Curated Shopping Sources
  • Designer Direction & Notes
  • Bonus: Welcome Book & WiFi Templates
  • Bonus: Essentials, Supplies & Forgot Something Checklists
  • Bonus: Turnover Handbook with Instructions & Covid Cleaning Guidelines
  • Not sure which package is right for you? Need something more custom?
  • Tell us about your project & we'll follow up with recommendations.

Having trouble deciding on which package to chose or need answers to more questions?

Book a Free Design Discovery Call so we can discuss your needs.

“Catherine’s services helped me so much! Not only do I hate to shop but I don’t even know what to shop for. I told her I needed change, told her what I liked and she nailed it. She saved me a ton of time, I didn’t have to spend a fortune AND my place looks great!” ​

~Joanne Brennan

“Catherine’s vision for my beach vacation rental was nothing short of a masterpiece. Her expertise is superior in design, space planning, vision and implementation. She ‘got’ the style of the space, worked within my budget and guided me through a complete condo remodel. I was thrilled when my booking rates increased and the feedback from guests greatly improved!  I would highly recommend Catherine as your design consultant. She is very experienced and professional, reasonably priced too.”

~Frank Zieg

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